Well, evidently Rhode Island mice are quite the party animals! We stored our camper in Georgia for 5 months and had no issues. We stored our camper in our campsite at Camp Westwood over the winter and those mice sure had fun!! YIKES – what a mess! Evidently, all the preventative measures we took (andContinue reading “EEK!”

March Madness

My sister-in-law Linda once told me that she has never known a person whose weight yo-yos as much as mine does. And she was so right! I used to focus just on losing weight. Didn’t matter if I was actually healthy, just that I was no longer fat… until the next time I got tiredContinue reading “March Madness”


People really make me wonder sometimes. Why is it that a lot of folks do not respond at all when greeted? We walk down the hallways here and always say hello if we should happen to encounter others walking by, but 99.9% of the time we get no response. People look right at us andContinue reading “Hello!”

Goodbye 2020!

2020 was definitely an interesting year. We started the year in Pensacola, FL and ended it in Coventry, RI. Lots happened in between! Not exactly sure when it started, but I really began to enjoy alternating walking with short spurts of running. I have never really been a physically active person, so this was HUGEContinue reading “Goodbye 2020!”

All the leaves are brown

brown … and the sky is gray. Did you sing that? Dave and I were on our way home from an appointment this morning and that song popped into my mind – it was a very fitting description of the scenery on this sometimes-rainy day. We’ve enjoyed some really beautiful and unseasonably warm weather recently.Continue reading “All the leaves are brown”

The Next Chapter

We are coming to the close of our first week as apartment dwellers. So far, so good! It is extremely quiet and consistently around 72/74 degrees in the apartment, a bit warm for us, but the windows open and our heating bills should be nonexistent. It was 35 degrees outside this morning and 72 degreesContinue reading “The Next Chapter”

Because I love you…

When your anxiety ridden husband finally lets on that he only came along on this adventure because he loves you and it was something you were so very excited about doing, it’s only fair to give yourself over totally to the next adventure in life – especially when that adventure relieves him of all thatContinue reading “Because I love you…”


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