Farewell 2021!

2021 began with COVID restrictions still in place, bursitis in my right hip causing pain and keeping me from doing all I wished to do, the (not so surprising) diagnosis of COPD, Dave’s ankle causing pain again, and both of us looking to get a bit healthier.

We are ending 2021 with some COVID restrictions starting up again, stretching exercises are keeping bursitis from bothering me too much, COPD is pretty much under control with inhaler use before exercising, we are both many pounds lighter than we were a year ago, and Dave is 3+ weeks into recovery after ankle surgery. Life is really good!

Stage 1 Post Op

In between all that, it’s been a year of so many experiences we are grateful for: celebrations, reunions, the times of sadness and those of happiness.


Dave and Paul enjoyed some father/son time camping and watching the car races at Limerock and Watkins Glen.

Rainy & cold in Limerock!

Dave’s sister, Linda, came to visit for several days in July. The last overnight guest in our camper, I think!  Was good to spend time together again. 2020 visit was cancelled due to COVID.

Sadly, we lost 2 friends within 5 days of each other in July: Elaine DeSilva and Margaret Weaver. I noted in my journal that it was interesting how they both were “tell it like it is” people, kind, loving, give you the shirt off their back people… and they were both relatively young. They were loved and are missed. We are thankful to have shared this lifetime with them.


I spent a “Girls Weekend” with my friend Colleen, her sister Lisa, and Colleen’s friend Cathi. What a beautiful cabin in a beautiful spot in White Lake, NY! It was so nice to spend such a relaxing weekend together. Hoping to do it again.

White Lake, NY

We also drove down to Maryland in August and enjoyed a visit with my sisters, brother-in-law, niece, nephews, son, daughter, and granddaughter! It had been 2 years since we had all been together, once again due to COVID.




August also brought news that Camp Westwood seasonal camping area was being closed after the season. So, we sold the camper and most of the camping related stuff. Dave was more ready for this than I. I still miss it sometimes, but do agree we made the right decision in selling the camper. It was a wonderful almost 4 years, but we are quite comfortable where we are now and very much enjoying time with our family. 

September found us taking the ferry to Orient Point, something we had not done in many years. We spent a weekend in a little apartment we found on Air BnB, got to visit with Colleen again (twice in just 2 months!!), enjoyed a little time on the beach at Robert Moses, had a great time at my 45th high school reunion, had brunch with childhood neighbor and friend Sharon and her mom (so very nice to spend time with both!!), and enjoyed all the food one has to eat when in NY that I’ve been missing (pizza, Chinese, bagels, etc., etc.)


October brought us to a celebration of our 41st wedding anniversary. We spent a fabulous weekend on Block Island. We stayed at the Avonlea and enjoyed the few restaurants and bars that were open. We also got to meet up with Lisa Sprague – Dave hadn’t seen her in many years and this was my first time meeting Lisa. Hope we can spend some time together on our next visit to the island.


We’ve enjoyed watching Emma play softball and basketball over the past several months. She plays both quite well; her athletic abilities definitely do NOT come from her Nana! LOL😉

Paula and Frank came to visit us for a couple of nights just before Thanksgiving. We camped out in our little apartment one night, then we all went to visit Paul for the next night. Fun times!

The holidays were pretty much back to normal this year – yippee! We spent Thanksgiving with Paul. On Christmas Day we were able to spend time with all – including Matt’s parents and brother. Was so very nice to spend the holidays together once again. 

New Year’s Eve finds us enjoying a quiet evening at home. Pretty sure we’ll be sound asleep well before midnight and will wish each other a Happy New Year when we wake up to pee in the middle of the night! (The joys of getting older, huh?)

We wish you all a happy, healthy 2022 filled with peace, love, and much joy!

Dave and Kathi

Happy New Year!

Happiness is…

What fun to reconnect with people from my youth! End of September Dave and I spent a long weekend in Babylon, NY and had a blast at my 45th High School Reunion. We so enjoyed our time reconnecting with old friends! I don’t know about you, but a huge part of my memories is food!! We covered all the necessities: pizza, Chinese, bagels and bacon & egg sandwiches on kaiser rolls.

And then I’m thinking back to my March Madness post these days. I’m still a lifetime WW member, but went several months without logging my meals or activity. Somehow 3 months later, my weight was exactly the same!

As I said back in March, my goal is not really weight loss but healthier eating and exercise. This is a bit more difficult when bursitis flares up, but I’m still doing my best. And I feel a lot better than I did at the beginning of the year.

Dave has kind of joined me in this journey and is doing his best each day also. He broke a tooth Saturday night and will have that (and a few other dental issues) taken care of in two weeks. Ankle surgery is now scheduled for December 9th and dealing with the post-op picture is our current focus. Non weight-bearing for 6 weeks!! That is going to take a lot of upper body strength and coordination. We are looking into pre-op PT to help with that and are also making a list of things we’ll need to buy to make it easier at home. Prayers are most welcome!

I have been enjoying fitness sessions available at seniorplanet.org The morning and afternoon stretches (as well as other offerings) are wonderful! I have experienced VERY little bursitis pain since I started these sessions a few weeks ago. Yesterday I walked about 2.5 miles and today 2.6 miles pain free!! I haven’t been able to do that in a very long time. And today I was even able to jog for about 45 steps 4 or 5 times during my walk. My goal is to walk 50 miles in November.

While not aiming for vegan or vegetarian diet, I am trying to include many more plant foods into my diet. I’ve aimed for 30 different plants per week and have been doing really well for these past 4 or 5 months. It’s definitely not as difficult as I thought it would be, though I am trying to diversify a bit more.

Dave and I celebrated our 41st Anniversary last month! We spent a long weekend on Block Island at the Avonlea. Sabrina was a wonderful host and we look forward to staying there again in the near future. We enjoyed meals at the Poor People’s Pub and McAloon’s during our stay on the island. Highly recommend! And buy a calendar from Blue Moon Creations of Block Island if you have the chance… beautiful pictures and quotes! https://www.facebook.com/blue.moon.353 or mamasprague1120 on Instagram.

Dave wanted to make sure I included the addition of our newest grand puppy – Penny! She is so cuddly and adorable, though Samson (our other grand dog) hopes she calms down very soon! LOL

Taco Penny!

For everything there is a season

It’s been almost 4 months since I last wrote. Back then we were quite content being at Camp Westwood once again.

Then on August 8th we received news that the YMCA Board of Directors had voted to discontinue seasonal camping and close its seasonal campground at the end of the season – October 15th. Very surprising and sad news indeed.

After talking it over for a bit we decided it was probably the push we needed to move on. We really enjoyed our time camping, but much had changed this past year that brought stress instead of peace… especially the mice issues. They just weren’t going away and the thought of them partying in the camper again over the winter was not a something we looked forward to dealing with. Also, we thought maybe COVID had eased enough to begin traveling again.

We drove down to Maryland in August and enjoyed a visit with family: sisters, brother in law, niece, nephews, daughter, son, and granddaughter. First time we’d all been together in well over a year, so was really a very nice visit.

In September we enjoyed a long weekend in my hometown of Babylon, NY. First time staying in an AirBnB and first Uber rides. Both good first experiences. We had a great time at my 45th high school reunion and it was nice to spend some time with childhood friends/neighbors/classmates over the weekend. The weather was perfect and we got to spend a few hours at the beach Sunday afternoon. As with every place we’ve ever lived, what I miss most is food. My list for this visit included things that are never as good as they are in NY: pizza, bagels, kaiser rolls (bacon, egg and cheese sandwich!) and Chinese food. And all were as delicious as I remembered them to be, if not better. On our way to the Orient Point Ferry we stopped at Hero Express in Bohemia, NY to get a roast beef hero. We enjoyed that bit of deliciousness with a Bloody Mary for lunch on the ferry. YUM!

So here we are in October. The camper has been sold. We sold some things on Facebook Marketplace. Some stuff ended up in the dumpster, some given away or stored in our sons basement. And then there are all the belongings we moved into the apartment with us. Storage space here is extremely limited, so a few new shelving units were purchased and assembled over the past couple of months to help get us organized. We’re getting there.

As we venture into this next season of our lives, we’ll continue to travel and look forward to sharing our adventures with you all.

May your life be filled with peace, love, and laughter. Be well.

The joys and challenges of camp life


We’ve been back at Camp Westwood for about a month now and it’s been nice spending so much time outside again. We’ve enjoyed sunny days at the lake – the water is just barely near swimmable temperature… for us old folks, anyway. The kids have been swimming for weeks now.


The mice continue to be a challenge this year, although thankfully they are confining their visits to the storage areas and underbelly of the camper now. But that still presents a problem because mice are known to cause major damage to campers, so we have multiple traps below and they are proving to be quite effective.


We’ve also been under a boil water order from the RI Department of Health since just after Memorial Day weekend due to possible E. coli found in a water sample. Hoping that is lifted once the latest test results are provided later today. I don’t normally drink/cook with the water straight from the faucet at any campground, but Dave does. He might have changed his mind about that now, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. We know some people here are still drinking and cooking with the tap water and they haven’t gotten sick.


We are enjoying the convenience of camper and apartment within 20 minutes of each other. We go home to do laundry and fill bags with regular size ice cubes from the ice maker in the freezer once or twice a week. Also refilling jugs with filtered water from the fridge.


Gemma has been a fun addition to camp life this year also. Emma enjoys sitting in the back to be our mirror, letting us know if there is a car behind us. We won’t tell her about the rear view mirror we’ve ordered. 😉


Campfires! Whether with friends or just us two, we love to sit around a campfire at night. S’mores of different varieties are on the menu, of course! And if just us two, we might be listening to a baseball game on the radio.

As usual, our challenges are outnumbered by the joy of life. Hope yours are too!


Well, evidently Rhode Island mice are quite the party animals! We stored our camper in Georgia for 5 months and had no issues. We stored our camper in our campsite at Camp Westwood over the winter and those mice sure had fun!! YIKES – what a mess! Evidently, all the preventative measures we took (and spent lots of $ on) didn’t work for the 7 month storage duration. We’ve spent the past 2 days vacuuming up mouse feces and acorns… spraying cloth surfaces with bleach/water solution, scrubbing all other surfaces with bleach solution. Had to remove the screws/brackets holding the loveseat and theater seating so we could move them to clean the mouse feces behind/under them. Many loads of laundry and hand washing of stuff in drawers/closets. What fun!

Lesson learned. We’re figuring that next year we will have to just set mouse traps and visit the camper at least weekly to make sure no party activity is occurring. We live close enough to make that happen.

We are thankful that at least this was something we were able to clean up after. We got lots of exercise too!

Still not 100% sure it was all from mice. The feces – definitely mice! But perhaps the acorns, etc. were from chipmunks? We’ll probably never know. We haven’t seen squirrels in camp, but have seen chipmunks and mice. Other campers have reported dead mice in their campers, so I’m thinking we are lucky to not find them in ours. We’ve set traps since our initial discovery, but so far looks like ours was the party site and they moved on.

We’ll visit a couple more times this week to make sure everything is clean and stocked up for opening day next weekend. We’ve been told we are the party site opening day on the 15th. Firewood is set to be delivered that day, and we’ll be ready for whomever shows up to party. BYOB!!

Let the camping season begin : )

March Madness

My sister-in-law Linda once told me that she has never known a person whose weight yo-yos as much as mine does. And she was so right! I used to focus just on losing weight. Didn’t matter if I was actually healthy, just that I was no longer fat… until the next time I got tired of not eating and partying like everyone else I hung out with and gained weight again. And then after a while I’d feel uncomfortable enough to lose weight once again. Weight Watchers was a part of my life many times. But apparently I just wanted to figure out how to continue to eat junk food while staying within my allotted points because I had notes telling me the point values for Funny Bones and various other junk food.

My friend Cathy and I joined a gym on Long Island. We used to laugh our way through aerobics class and then stop at McDonald’s on our way home!

Last time we lived in Coventry I joined a gym with Laura, who used to have to move to the other side of the room to avoid spending the entire step aerobics class laughing as her mother tried to follow along. Oh well, I laughed myself silly during that class – and laughing burns calories too, right?

I also found Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away The Pounds” videos back then. Sometimes Dave, Laura, and I would manage to find enough room for all of us to try to follow along – I remember lots of laughter with that also. But at least we doing something as a family, right?

But exercise was never really a part of my life. We were outside a lot, rode our bicycles or walked everywhere, but I never “exercised.” I think growing up feeling that I was totally uncoordinated and not good at sports played a huge role in that. I never really felt confident in myself growing up. And those feelings followed me through most of my adult life.

It wasn’t until we moved to Jacksonville, FL that I really started to enjoy walking as a form of exercise. I laugh when I think about the first time Dave and I took a walk “around the neighborhood.” We didn’t really know our way around the neighborhood and ended up on a 4-mile route back home! It was hot and humid and we thought we might die before we made it home! LOL

I’ve come a long way since then. I was walking up to 5 miles many days of the week. Then maybe about a year ago, I read a Jeff Galloway book and I decided it would be ok if I ran, maybe just a little. And then my friend Betty helped me find my comfort zone. And now I have come to really enjoy alternating walking and running… and pushing myself a little beyond that comfort zone sometimes.

I have an hour in the Fitness Room reserved usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. I walk on the treadmill for a while, and then I bump up the speed and run for a little while. Sometimes I can run for 1-minute spurts, sometimes only 15 or 30 seconds. But it all feels so good! More recently, I started “warming up” on the elliptical. That seems to be a bit more of a challenge for me and requires me to find some coordination!  At first I could only handle a couple of minutes and I’ve now worked myself up to about 8 – 10 minutes.

I signed up for WW (formerly Weight Watchers) at the end of last year, just to give me some structure. This time I’m not so much about losing the weight as I am about healthier food choices. I am not trying to lose weight as fast as I can, I am trying to see what healthy changes I can make and stick with long term…. stop the yo-yo dieting nonsense and keep my blood pressure in check. That’s what really led me in this direction – my blood pressure. Things I have noticed that raise my blood pressure: pain, lack of good sleep, lack of abundant fruits and veggies in my diet. So I am working to stay out of pain, sleep well and eat lots of fruits and veggies. No Funny Bones, though I do enjoy some air popped popcorn at times, and maybe the occasional splurge on guacamole and tortilla chips. I’m still working on the bag of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses that Paul gave me for Christmas!

I’m looking forward to being outside more. I look forward to meeting Laura in the early mornings for a walk/run on the high school track. I also look forward to walking around Camp Westwood… not too much running goes on there because I’m busy chatting with neighbors I meet along the way!

I’m not sure why I am sharing all this with you. March Madness? Or maybe by sharing with you all I will be more apt to stick with it. Having support is always good! And, as I’ve told my doctors, I don’t want to take medicine unless absolutely necessary. I’d much rather change my diet and exercise habits instead, so I’m working to find what works best to keep my blood pressure in check and keep me healthy.

And I’m feeling much more confident in my ability to do just that!

Best 6 Doctors: Sunshine, Water, Air, Exercise, Diet, Rest


People really make me wonder sometimes. Why is it that a lot of folks do not respond at all when greeted? We walk down the hallways here and always say hello if we should happen to encounter others walking by, but 99.9% of the time we get no response. People look right at us and just don’t respond! It’s crazy.

I remember commenting on this when we lived in Jacksonville also. I would walk the same route every day, encounter the same people just about every day, and only 1 person would respond when I said hello. Most would purposely look down at the ground when approaching another person so they wouldn’t have to acknowledge them.

And as I think about our walks along the river here – part of it is a tree lined dirt path and part of it is cement sidewalks with restaurants, bars, and stores along the way. The people walking on the tree lined path usually nod or say hello, sometimes we have a short conversation about the dog(s) they are walking with, etc. But all that seems to end once we hit the sidewalk again.

Now campers are a totally different story! If you take a stroll around a campground pretty much everyone you pass will wave or say hello, and some will engage you in a real conversation. Doesn’t seem to matter if camping in the woods or parked on a cement pad in an RV resort either.

It occurs to me that people are friendly on a tree lined dirt path along the river and also in campgrounds/RV resorts – places that offer a little bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

And the pandemic “rules” just seem to encourage this antisocial behavior even more… but guess what? You can still say hello, nod, wave – whatever you feel comfortable doing to acknowledge another human being as you pass by while wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet apart!

I HATE TO BE IGNORED! Sometimes I want to just stop dead in my tracks, blocking the way, and ask, “Did you hear me?”

But instead, I’ll go back to the routine I followed during my walks in Jacksonville. I would say this little prayer silently as each person passed by: May you be well. May you be happy. May you abide in peace.

Sending love to each of you!

Writing the first pages of 2021

Perception is an interesting thing. The days seem to fly by and it seems like Christmas and New Year’s have been over for MONTHS already, but it’s only the first week of February.

Dave and I have been reminded of Mom and Ken a lot lately. They always used to joke about medical appointments being their social outings and we’ve been feeling the same way in recent months. The good news to come out of one of these appointments is that Dave does not need surgery, at least not right now. Dave hasn’t had much pain from the area where he had the torn tendon, so the doctor agreed that it didn’t make sense to do surgery right now. He will reassess in a few months though.

The bursitis in my hip has eased enough to allow me to get back to walking/running on the treadmill in the fitness center here several mornings a week. It’s reservation only, so I get the place to myself for an hour and can exercise without a mask on. So thankful for that because I can’t imagine trying to do so if I had to wear a mask! Dave and I also have a 1 mile walking route along the river that we enjoy when the temps are a little bit warmer. . . you know, like above freezing. I think the last time we walked it was 18 degrees and a bit windy, so wearing a face mask actually felt good!

Another reason I stopped walking/running this past summer was because I was having trouble catching my breath if I ran too fast or too long. I had some tests this week and today I learned I have the start of COPD. My doctor doesn’t expect that it will progress much/very quickly because I quit smoking over 5 years ago. It is not surprising after having smoked for as many years as I did, but I am hopeful it won’t get much worse any time soon. I will continue to exercise, but will make sure to use my inhaler beforehand – it seems to help quite a bit.

Aside from medical stuff, we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied doing crossword puzzles, playing games, reading, and watching “Outlanders” on Netflix. Dave has become a killer Mexican Train Dominoes player and we seem to take turns winning (very close) games of Phase 10. We look forward to warmer weather when we can sit outside and enjoy playing games with our family and friends at camp. I miss playing Rummikub!!

We’ve also enjoyed experimenting with our Ninja Air Fryer/Grill and are quite impressed with the results. The only time we use the big oven these days is if we are baking something that doesn’t fit in the air fryer – like homemade pizza. Don’t miss having to go outside to grill either.

There is so much I could say about the current pandemic situation in our community/state/country, but I have decided not to. I really don’t want to give it space. Let’s just say we continue to be careful and we look forward to warmer weather to enable us to more easily visit with our family and friends outdoors.

And there is Winter. It is what it is – cold and snow and wind. I honestly cannot say I am hating any of it and that makes me laugh. We left here 16 years ago because I couldn’t stand the cold weather. NOW we have come back and I’m more comfortable in the cold than in the heat and humidity. Life sure is interesting, eh?

We wish you all peace and good health.

Goodbye 2020!

2020 was definitely an interesting year. We started the year in Pensacola, FL and ended it in Coventry, RI. Lots happened in between!

Not exactly sure when it started, but I really began to enjoy alternating walking with short spurts of running. I have never really been a physically active person, so this was HUGE for me. With the help of fitness apps on my phone, I started tracking steps taken each day. Samson enjoyed many long walks, and always perked right up when I said, “Ready?” – he knew it was time to run for a bit!

When we moved from Pensacola to Jacksonville mid-January, my friend Betty and I started walking together quite often. Betty really helped me find a comfortable walk/run pattern. (Thanks, Betty!) In mid-February, we participated in the Mud Girl run at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center – what a blast! I really surprised myself completing all the obstacles and the run.

Another highlight in February was Paul’s return from his final deployment. Dave, Samson, Audrey, and I drove up to Norfolk, VA to spend some time with him the beginning of March. I guess COVID had become somewhat of a thing around this time, because I was armed with Lysol spray and Clorox wipes in an attempt to keep us safe in the hotel rooms we overnighted in. But I don’t really think we really knew much at this point. Nothing really had changed in Jacksonville yet – we still had potlucks end of February and there was the much enjoyed Travel expo on base a couple of days after we returned from our visit with Paul.

In April we started to experience some changes due to COVID restrictions. We were only able to pay for our campsite a week at a time, and no new campers were allowed in – a common situation at military campgrounds. Our upcoming reservations at Fort Story in VA were cancelled. Many states closed their state parks to camping also. Was a very nerve wracking time for those of us full time RVers – how long would they allow us to stay where we were and would we be able to get to our next destination? We had no idea if the campground we spend 5 months at in RI would even open! Even many folks who were part time campers and had homes to go to were getting worried about how they would get home, where they would be able to stop, get fuel and food, etc. This continued for a bit over a month. Sadly, COVID restrictions also meant we could not gather to celebrate the life of my stepfather, Ken, after his passing on April 15th.

Early May – we finally got word that Camp Westwood would open to seasonal residents (campers had to have fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens.) After much discussion, we decided it would be less stressful to make a quick(er) trip to RI than it would be to stay week to week at Osprey Cove, not knowing whether/when they might decide to totally close the campground. A 4 day whirlwind trip to RI soon followed. There was no contact with anyone! Check ins were done remotely, no facilities were open. And, of course, we had the added excitement of a blowout on while on I-84 in New York!

What a relief to finally settle into our site at Camp Westwood! We enjoyed the mostly quiet days and nights visiting with our camping friends, as well as Matt, Laura, and Emma. Paul arrived towards the end of July, settling into a campsite across the way from ours. Samson was so very happy to be back with Paul!! We enjoyed our time with Paul, too. We got to (quietly) celebrate Paul’s retirement from the Navy and lived through 2 heatwaves to bring July to a close.

August brought the big news of the year: we decided to park the camper and move into an apartment in Rhode Island. Sadly, Audrey crossed that Rainbow Bridge shortly before our move.

We still haven’t received the reclining loveseat we ordered in August. And Dave is still holding off on ankle surgery until the loveseat is delivered. But we both still think the move into this apartment was a good move.

It’s sad that our entire family is once again living in Rhode Island, but we can’t spend (much) time together physically because of COVID-19. We all spent Thanksgiving in our respective homes, exchanged Christmas gifts in Matt & Laura’s garage on a rainy Christmas afternoon, wearing masks and trying to remain socially distant. New Years Eve and Day did not find us together either. 

Last weekend we did spend a couple of hours in Paul’s backyard – Dave and Paul watching a football game as we sat, socially distanced, around the fire pit.

Laura and I have started walking the track at the high school again – masks and socially distant, of course! This is such good news for me!! I have been trying to ignore hip pain since last Spring, the pain got so bad I stopped walking and running in July. Finally saw an orthopedic doc and was told I have bursitis. Physical therapy worked wonders and I have now been released with instructions to start walking 1 mile at a time (adding a little more weekly, if no pain) and continue my exercises. If I take it slowly, I should be back to walk/run pattern before too long. Hoping my clothes fit a bit more comfortably very soon too!

It dawned on me yesterday morning, though, that Paul had been off from work for 2 weeks, and had pretty much been isolated (except for necessary shopping) SO we all decided this was the safest time we’d see in months to come. Also, Laura gets tested at work twice a week and has been testing negative every time. SO, the 4 of us gathered at Paul’s for supper and games yesterday! (Matt and Emma had other plans.) It was so damn nice to be together – live and in person! (And Paul made some delicious ribs for supper.) Now we look forward to more times to gather outdoors, socially distanced, wearing masks. God willing, we’ll be back at Camp Westwood in 133 days!

Dave and I wish you a happy, healthy 2021!

All the leaves are brown


… and the sky is gray. Did you sing that? Dave and I were on our way home from an appointment this morning and that song popped into my mind – it was a very fitting description of the scenery on this sometimes-rainy day.

We’ve enjoyed some really beautiful and unseasonably warm weather recently. But looks like the party is about over and cooler temps are on the way. I’m actually looking forward to those cooler temps – this apartment has a SW exposure and the afternoon sun beating on the huge windows keeps it rather toasty in here. We have this lovely gas fireplace and it sure would be nice to use it! I suspect we’ll have ample opportunity over the next several months though.

Loveseat order has been delayed once again. No timeframe provided, just an email advising of further delays. Dave has already decided his ankle surgery will not be scheduled until sometime after the holidays, but soon enough so that he’s recovered before camping season begins again up here.  Not doing much walking, so no pain at the moment.

COVID19 is becoming more widespread up here, as is the case pretty much everywhere these days. The # of positive cases is rising quickly and hospitals are becoming overwhelmed.  Field hospitals are projected to open within the next 2 weeks. We’ll be staying home a lot more going forward, and will have to keep our visits with family limited to Facetime chats for a while.  Thanksgiving will be just us two – but at least we have each other, and we actually kind of like each other! LOL  Our hearts go out to those, like Paul, who are single and will be alone. – At least he has Samson to keep him company.

My friends and family, I know that some of you do not believe that COVID19 is for real and/or that the government should do its best to protect its citizens. I can’t honestly say that I understand your view, but I do ask that you please do your best to protect ME, and others – wear a mask! I just do not understand why that is too much to ask! I do not understand why that is deemed a political statement. I see it as a sign of respect and caring. It’s not about YOU! It is about doing what you can do protect everyone around you. And, yes – I know the verdict is still out on exactly how this virus spreads, etc. – but over all, wearing a mask has been seen as a major way to stop the spread. I thank all of you who follow the “wear a mask” advisements.

Outdoors family meetup: Masked at Roger Williams Zoo


Please wear a mask!

I struggle with the name of this blog. We no longer live in our Reflection, but I do still reflect on our life. And our Reflection will provide a summer getaway come mid-May.  Perhaps I just need to update the blog description. Have to think on that. 

Peace be with you all.