Never say never!

So I did a thing. A huge life changing thing.

A thing I NEVER ever thought I would do! I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’m pretty sure I’ve said something along the lines of totally not understanding how anyone would/could do this thing many times in my life. But now? Now I totally understand!

As I said in my last post, I often read something and figure I might as well try it. Well just over a month ago, I read something that led me to more than that. It led me to instantly give up eating animal products. No meat, poultry, seafood, eggs or dairy. And also, to search for more info… there were many trips to the library for books (that came from libraries all over RI), I spent many hours/days reading those books, many blogs and other online info, as well as watching documentaries. I wondered how the hell I could be so unaware, and angry that I was contributing to a system that inflicts such cruelty and suffering – on animals and humans and the Earth. Factory farming. How do we allow this?!

This decision was one of the best in my life, so far. My health has already improved to the point where my doctor told me to stop taking blood pressure medicine. I feel great physically, and mentally – I’m much relieved to no longer be a part of a system that treats animals so cruelly, causes so much pollution, and causes devastating illness for humans. Praying this decision of mine will have some further positive impact, no matter how small.

And it really wasn’t a difficult adjustment, since I always ate a lot of fruits and veggies anyway. And, though I do eat mostly healthy fruits, veggies and whole grains, there is much “junk food” that falls under the vegan umbrella too! So, if I so choose, I can still have my tea and cookies at night.

I’m having great fun searching out recipes and trying new things. I’ve tried some of those “fake” meats and found some to be quite good (meatballs!) and some to be just ok. I would put the faux “beef tips” used in the corned “beefless” and cabbage recipe last night in the latter category, though they were much better tasting tonight. I guess one of those foods that always taste better a day or more later? The cabbage, carrots, and potatoes cooked in a broth with pickling spices and Bragg’s aminos were delicious, however!

I’ve also made some “bacon” bits that are really good, and I’ve made a few sauces with a raw cashew base. Amazing! I think the smoked carrots I make and put on my avocado, tomato and lettuce (or spinach or whatever) sandwich is one of my favorite recipes. All that and a spicy cashew based sauce – YUM!

And those items noted above that try to replicate animal products – that was something I didn’t understand before. If you don’t want to eat animal products, why do you want to make things that taste like those animal products? I’m feeling rather stupid not having understood this before, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s much like why I stopped eating animal products – it’s not that I didn’t like the taste of that food, because I definitely did! – it’s just that I became aware of how horribly abused and mistreated those animals are and chose to not support that industry any longer.

So, my life has changed – for the better! We’re not going to live forever, I know that. But while I’m alive, I might as well live well. By choosing to eat a (mostly) plant based diet I’m choosing not to destroy my health, I’m choosing not to promote cruelty, I’m choosing not to support an industry that is causing so much suffering to communities, families, animals, and all life on this planet.

And to those who know us, let me confirm that only I have made this decision. While Dave supports my decision, he chooses to continue to eat as he always has. And that’s fine. We all need to live the life we feel is best for us. And a life with all those veggies is SO NOT Dave! 😉

“Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!”

Wishing you much peace, love, and good health!


Published by kccan2

Dave and I have been living full time in our Grand Design Reflection 27RL since December 3, 2017. We share our space with our cat, Audrey, and grand dog, Samson. UPDATE: So much has changed in our lives during Autumn 2020! Samson is very happy to be back living with Paul, Audrey crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we moved into an apartment. We plan to use the camper as a summer getaway going forward. . . no more traveling (with the camper, anyway!) As always, looking forward to new adventures!

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