Quarantine Musings

Well, here we are in Day 8 of our 14-day quarantine. The weather has been cool at night, but warms up nicely during the day. Sunshine and blue skies most days recently. We have been enjoying lots of outside time, even a campfire. It is so very nice to be back!

The campsites are quite large, so even when our neighbors are here, we are a good distance from each other. Fresh air and sunshine makes the quarantine not so hard to handle. And we are allowed to walk Samson, so that bit of exercise helps also. And I’ve been finding hearts and pennies again – lots of love and “In God We Trust” reminders.

We are fortunate to have family and good friends nearby, because we forgot to buy some necessities before arriving. Thanks to Laura for groceries, Doug & Elaine for doing booze runs, and Pat & Terry for masks and firewood. Much appreciated deliveries!  We’re not allowed to have visitors, but it was sure nice to see those folks for a short while.

Dave is happy not to have to wait for the barbershops to open in order to get a haircut and beard trim, though he did tell me Emma gets to do the next haircut.

The lakefront will be open this weekend to members only. The weekend weather isn’t looking too cooperative for time enjoying the beach though, but that’s probably a good thing. 

Here in Rhode Island we are supposed to wear masks when near others, are currently not supposed to have visitors in our campsites, there should be no gatherings of more than 5 socially distanced people, and everyone coming from out of state is supposed to quarantine for 14 days.  Quite likely there will be only a few others joining us in following those rules.

Praying people won’t go crazy this weekend and jeopardize the next phase of reopening RI. We’d like to be able to spend some time with Matt, Laura, and Emma sometime soon! And enjoy an evening campfire with friends. And I think I am having Mexican Train and Rummikub withdrawals! (I know, we can play both with 2 players. Mexican Train is just more fun with others, and Dave doesn’t like Rummikub – but Elaine does!)

Stay safe my friends and family! And please do your part to keep others safe and healthy too.

Published by kccan2

Dave and I have been living full time in our Grand Design Reflection 27RL since December 3, 2017. We share our space with our cat, Audrey, and grand dog, Samson. UPDATE: So much has changed in our lives during Autumn 2020! Samson is very happy to be back living with Paul, Audrey crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we moved into an apartment. We plan to use the camper as a summer getaway going forward. . . no more traveling (with the camper, anyway!) As always, looking forward to new adventures!

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