Experiences, thoughts, and musings…

💭 Dave has taken back the driving duties! I was surprised he let me be the driver as long as he did after his knee replacement surgery, but I’m really glad he’s feeling well enough to drive again. (I’d rather be the passenger!) 💭 Raynaud’s syndrome has really hit me hard this winter. My fingersContinue reading “Experiences, thoughts, and musings…”

Healthy, wealthy, and wise

As we get ready to celebrate the arrival of the new year, I’m reflecting on experiences. Healthy. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know that just a bit over 10 months ago I decided to try something new. I gave up eating animal products\byproducts – no meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs, etc. WowContinue reading “Healthy, wealthy, and wise”

🎶 Time passes by, people get old 🎶

If we were still living in our camper we’d be very busy packing up getting ready to head South. There was always a bit of excitement preceding the travels. Instead, we are trying to figure out how it’s possible that on this date two years ago we had College Hunks help us move all ourContinue reading “🎶 Time passes by, people get old 🎶”

For everything there is a season

It’s been almost 4 months since I last wrote. Back then we were quite content being at Camp Westwood once again. Then on August 8th we received news that the YMCA Board of Directors had voted to discontinue seasonal camping and close its seasonal campground at the end of the season – October 15th. VeryContinue reading “For everything there is a season”

The joys and challenges of camp life

Joy: We’ve been back at Camp Westwood for about a month now and it’s been nice spending so much time outside again. We’ve enjoyed sunny days at the lake – the water is just barely near swimmable temperature… for us old folks, anyway. The kids have been swimming for weeks now. Challenge: The mice continueContinue reading “The joys and challenges of camp life”