Happiness is…

What fun to reconnect with people from my youth! End of September Dave and I spent a long weekend in Babylon, NY and had a blast at my 45th High School Reunion. We so enjoyed our time reconnecting with old friends! I don’t know about you, but a huge part of my memories is food!! We covered all the necessities: pizza, Chinese, bagels and bacon & egg sandwiches on kaiser rolls.

And then I’m thinking back to my March Madness post these days. I’m still a lifetime WW member, but went several months without logging my meals or activity. Somehow 3 months later, my weight was exactly the same!

As I said back in March, my goal is not really weight loss but healthier eating and exercise. This is a bit more difficult when bursitis flares up, but I’m still doing my best. And I feel a lot better than I did at the beginning of the year.

Dave has kind of joined me in this journey and is doing his best each day also. He broke a tooth Saturday night and will have that (and a few other dental issues) taken care of in two weeks. Ankle surgery is now scheduled for December 9th and dealing with the post-op picture is our current focus. Non weight-bearing for 6 weeks!! That is going to take a lot of upper body strength and coordination. We are looking into pre-op PT to help with that and are also making a list of things we’ll need to buy to make it easier at home. Prayers are most welcome!

I have been enjoying fitness sessions available at seniorplanet.org The morning and afternoon stretches (as well as other offerings) are wonderful! I have experienced VERY little bursitis pain since I started these sessions a few weeks ago. Yesterday I walked about 2.5 miles and today 2.6 miles pain free!! I haven’t been able to do that in a very long time. And today I was even able to jog for about 45 steps 4 or 5 times during my walk. My goal is to walk 50 miles in November.

While not aiming for vegan or vegetarian diet, I am trying to include many more plant foods into my diet. I’ve aimed for 30 different plants per week and have been doing really well for these past 4 or 5 months. It’s definitely not as difficult as I thought it would be, though I am trying to diversify a bit more.

Dave and I celebrated our 41st Anniversary last month! We spent a long weekend on Block Island at the Avonlea. Sabrina was a wonderful host and we look forward to staying there again in the near future. We enjoyed meals at the Poor People’s Pub and McAloon’s during our stay on the island. Highly recommend! And buy a calendar from Blue Moon Creations of Block Island if you have the chance… beautiful pictures and quotes! https://www.facebook.com/blue.moon.353 or mamasprague1120 on Instagram.

Dave wanted to make sure I included the addition of our newest grand puppy – Penny! She is so cuddly and adorable, though Samson (our other grand dog) hopes she calms down very soon! LOL

Taco Penny!

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Dave and I have been living full time in our Grand Design Reflection 27RL since December 3, 2017. We share our space with our cat, Audrey, and grand dog, Samson. UPDATE: So much has changed in our lives during Autumn 2020! Samson is very happy to be back living with Paul, Audrey crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we moved into an apartment. We plan to use the camper as a summer getaway going forward. . . no more traveling (with the camper, anyway!) As always, looking forward to new adventures!

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