There are many feeling out of sorts with all these Covid-19 restrictions – staying at home except for necessities, wearing cloth face coverings, not being able to eat in restaurants, go to movies, etc. And there are some with great anxiety because of all the uncertainty in life these days. (Although, truth be told, life was always full of uncertainty –  “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray” – we just always thought we had it all under control.)  We pray you find peace in this “new normal.”

While we are still hoping RI campgrounds will be allowed to open soon, we have also been looking for other options. We have reservations to get us up to RI, if campgrounds there are allowed to open, but Dave and I are also very fortunate to have multiple offers of a place to stay, whether we need to or just want to.  Not so for others here, and it pains me to hear their anxiety when they talk about not knowing where they will go from here.

So, here we we sit with our fellow camp friends in Osprey Cove RV Park wondering. As of now, all we are told is that the computers are locked down and they can’t make any updates at this time. The system has us all due to leave on or about May 11th, from what I’ve been hearing. There are some here who have homes to return to, but are not ready to head back to areas where the weather is still chilly and Covid-19 is still raging.  Others, like us, live in their RV full time. Many states have closed their campgrounds, while others are allowing them to remain open for people wanting to stay for at least 14 days. It looks like some states are easing up on restrictions, allowing overnight camping, but with no facilities open.  States will pull back immediately if there is an uptick in infections though, so it’s still a bit worrisome for some of us.

This, among other Covid-19 related things, has found me back on Facebook. I have been scouring the RV pages for information about campground openings in various states, reading what experiences people are having with overnight stops during their travels, the base CO had a FB Town Hall meeting that we hoped might provide us with some further information about the campground status. MWR says COVID-19 updates for programs can be found on their FB page, so we check that.

But I no longer lose myself in Facebook nonsense for hours a day. I have specifics I am looking for, check my notifications and messages, respond (maybe), and I’m outta there. But through this, I have come to realize that Facebook is a necessary evil. This is where I learn of both joyous and heartbreaking moments in the lives of our extended families and friends. This is where I learned so many of you are making masks and performing other acts of kindness. This is where I can attend FB Live meetings. This is often the only place I can find the information I am seeking. Websites might not be updated, but Facebook pages usually are. And this is where all those birthday and anniversary reminders are!! (Sorry if I’ve missed yours.)So, don’t be surprised if you see me sharing a few posts every now and again. But don’t expect too much. I’m entirely too busy outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, chatting with our neighbors (from a socially acceptable distance), walking with Samson to check on the whereabouts of the alligators, and sometimes our schedules line up and I get a walk in with Betty! And then there are those board games and card games Dave and I enjoy too.  Who has time for Facebook? 

Samson says…

It’s been a while since Nana has allowed me to share my thoughts, but she said life is a bit difficult for some of you humans these days and that maybe hearing from me would brighten your day a little bit. But you could also just go for a walk.  A walk always brightens my day (unless it is raining!)

There are a lot of squirrels here, and there is one that likes to tease me. I don’t know why it keeps teasing me, so I bark at it and I keep trying to catch it, but it runs up the tree too quickly. My rope needs to be just a little longer so I can have a better chance of catching that rascal. But fat chance of that ever happening! Nana just doesn’t get it. For some reason she just gets annoyed when I bark and chase the squirrel and if I do it too much, she makes me stay inside the camper. Sometimes Nana is just no fun!

My buddy, Mike, left!! How could he do that to me?! I walked Nana to their campsite but there was nothing there but the lingering scent of my friends. I’m not really missing Bubba, Bentley, and Zippy too much, because all those dogs want is for Nana to love on them – and I really don’t like to share! Cathy must miss being able to pet me, because I sure miss her.  She’s a nice lady who always makes sure I get a bowl of water and maybe a carrot or two when I visit.

Butch and Shirley took Miss Kitty home. And Tom and Laura took Max and Lola back home too.  I sure don’t miss seeing those darn cats walking around outside! Audrey stays inside, thank heavens. A dog needs a cat free zone and I thought that just meant being outside.  Sadly, I was wrong – until now! Now if only all the other dogs would leave too….. except for my friends, Buddy and Jake. They are fun to play with sometimes.

Nana and Papa have been talking a lot about Ken these past few days. He went somewhere and that made them sad. Ken must have been a special man if Nana and Papa feel so sad because he went somewhere. I don’t like it when they are sad, so I try to get in Nana’s lap and cuddle so she is happy again. Papa thinks I’m a silly dog when I do that, but it sure seems to help.

I hope you all have a cuddly lapdog like me to keep you happy too.



Take care

With most of us under orders to stay at home, I am reminded of the importance of “me time.” Please do all you can to ensure you still get at least a few minutes of “me time” daily! Lock the bathroom door and take a nice, warm bath – if you are lucky enough to have a tub! Or just lock the door and meditate/relax/read/take deep breaths for a short while. Take a walk around the perimeter of your house, or around the block, or longer. Throw a load of laundry in the washer and lean against it during the spin cycle, eyes closed – I have found that very relaxing! Give yourself a few minutes alone, doing whatever you find relaxing. But please, be sure to take care of yourself. Stress will only leave you more open to catching this virus because it wears your immune system down. Much love to each of you. Please be well!

Learning Experience

Well, setting up this blog has certainly been a learning experience for me. I think when I left my Atos job my brain said thank you so very much and leaked out all the stuff the techs taught me. (Note: I haven’t missed it until now!) My friend, Betty, helped me a little yesterday. Most importantly though, Betty helps me to remember that obstacles are just things the universe puts out there to help us learn how strong we really are. This was kind of like another Mud Run for me. I wasn’t sure I could do it, I actually reached out to a couple of people asking if I could pay them to set this up for me, but all the while I kept at it – and Voila! Might be something I’ll be playing with for a while before I get it how I’d really like it, but I did it! Woohoo!! Now if only I can convince Samson to write a few of his Dear Diary entries here. . .